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teeth do more than chew food

Most people think we need teeth just for chewing.  Some people do not even care if they are missing teeth.  However, it is obvious that teeth are related to appearance, self-esteem, speech, swallowing, and breathing.  More dedicated researchers are finding out that teeth are related to the nervous and muscular systems and, can cause pain and dysfunction of the head, neck, face, joints, internal organs, hormonal systems and to the entire body.

The teeth and jaw are the most electrical components of the human body and very closely related to heart functions and condition.  The heart sends large amounts of electricity to the TMJ and teeth.  The teeth are electric batteries that are connected to every organ, gland and muscle group of the body.  When food and water enter the mouth, streams of electricity come out of teeth, tongue and TMJ, in the form of regular and protective immune sensors.  The electricity neutralizes anything foreign, or anything that might be harmful to the body.  At the same time, the sensors of teeth, tongue and TMJ allow the brain to know what is coming into the body and, allows the body to prepare for whatever is good or bad.  If the heart should fail in its peak performance of electricity, the teeth, gums and TMJ will begin to deteriorate rapidly, and vice versa.

When upper and lower jaw teeth do not fit together properly, it causes sustained micro-trauma to the TMJ.  When this condition is prolonged, the body begins to compensate by involving nerves and muscles in other areas.  Many times, unresolved medical problems such as:  chronic headaches, chronic neck pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and any intractable pains are caused from having the wrong TMJ/Bite relationship.  As such, undergoing any major dental work before establishing a proper TMJ (jaw joint) position is like building a house on an unstable foundation.

Complex health problems are frequently misdiagnosed by health care professional because teeth/TMJ and their influence on the muscles, nerves, internal organs and body functions are overlooked, unknown, and excluded from the differential diagnosis and treatment.

Think Teeth When:

  1. Routine medical testing is negative.
  2. Chiropractic adjustments won’t hold.
  3. Restrictions inhibit craniosacral therapy.
  4. Muscle tension returns after a massage or physical therapy.
  5. Restricted joint range of motion returns after physical therapy.
  6. Orthotics in your shoes become necessary to walk because your feet hurt.
  7. Neck pain becomes just that, a “Pain in the Neck”.
  8. Neck muscles get weak and you need a cervical pillow for support.
  9. Muscle pain persists after a fall, injury, or trauma.
  10. Whiplash injuries persist long after the accident.
  11. Muscles are sore to touch without exercise.
  12. Your spouse’s snoring and gasping for air are keeping you awake.
  13. Breathing is restricted in the absence of disease.
  14. Low back and hip pain keep you from rolling over comfortably in bed.
  15. Mega-doses of vitamins and supplements are being consumed.
  16. Migraine headache medicine isn’t working.
  17. OTC medicines are eating up your stomach.
  18. Tension headaches are frequent.
  19. Chronic pain and dysfunction, of any type, are unresolved.
  20. Repetitive injury syndromes, loss of balance, swallowing difficulties, irritable bowel syndromes, Parkinson’s disease, or any other persistent problem resists conventional medical treatment.

           Balanced Teeth = Balanced                           Body = Good Health