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Teeth discoloration is a common issue. Get Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure at Azalea Dentistry in Bellevue,WA

An Overview Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening is an incredibly effective teeth bleaching procedure. This procedure aims to lighten discolored dentin and enamel. A dentist uses hydrogen peroxide gel plus intense light. The procedure whitens teeth up to eight shades.

Teeth discoloration is an issue that is affecting a lot of people to date. However, you can get back your sparkling white smile via the zoom whitening procedure. The process is pretty effective and safe.

The best part about this process is that it takes a brief period. You can get immediate results if you decide to have an in-office session for the whitening procedure. The alternative is the home kit which takes only three days to whiten your teeth thoroughly. Zoom professional teeth whitening experts put a great deal of effort into providing the best products and services.

Need of Zoom Teeth Whitening

A great smile helps boost your confidence immensely. It also makes you look more charming. There are many over-the-counter whitening toothpastes in Bellevue, WA, that promise shiny teeth. Most of them, however, do not deliver, but the zoom whitening procedure does.

Causes for Teeth Discoloration

Several things could cause teeth discoloration, but mostly it is due to:

  • Aging
  • Consuming staining substances, like tea, tobacco, and coffee
  • Consuming certain antibiotics, excessive fluoride, or tetracycline during teeth formation

Treatment for Zoom Teeth Whitening

You can carry out the teeth whitening procedure or treatment in two distinct ways while in Bellevue.

  1. The in-office occurs in the dentist’s office
  2. The home whitening procedure involves a zoom whitening home kit and is carried out at home.

The Zoom! In-office whitening System

The process is pretty brief and painless, plus it is safe for your teeth. Here is how the process is carried out:

  1. Your dentist covers the gums and lips, leaving your teeth exposed
  2. Your dentist will then apply a zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The gel works with zoom light or zooms laser whitening beams to efficiently penetrate your teeth and effectively break down discoloration and stains.
  3. The gel will remain intact for about 15 minutes with the light still activated. 
  4. The dentist will repeat this process two more times. Therefore the approximate time for the whole process to complete is 45 minutes.
  5. Once the procedure is complete, a fluoride paste gel is applied to the teeth to reduce the teeth’ sensitivity.
  6. The process is complete, and you have shiny teeth. After the procedure, you should avoid sensitive foodstuff for 48 hours.

Types of Zoom Teeth Whitening

The second procedure is also pretty simple. You, however, require to have the zoom whitening kit, which comes in two variations:

  1. The zoom whitening DayWhite
  2. The zoom whitening NiteWhite

When dealing with DayWhite, you only have to put it on your tray twice in one day. You can hence put it on in the morning and then later in the afternoon. As for NiteWhite, you put it on your tray overnight, then remove it in the morning. Need to follow the below steps:

  1. First, brush your teeth efficiently to get rid of plaque
  2. Add about a teardrop of gel onto each impression in your teeth tray
  3. Put on your tray gently
  4. Remove the tray when your dentist’s prescribed time is up
  5. Wash the tray efficiently
  6. Brush your teeth to enjoy your incredibly white smile


Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Benefit from Teeth Whitening in Bellevue?

Almost every person can significantly benefit from this procedure. However, dentists will assess your teeth and analyze their shade before they commence the procedure.

Is Teeth Whitening Procedure Growing in Terms of Popularity?

Yes. Zoom whitening has made it easier to gain white teeth at a faster rate.

Is Zoom whitening safe for Tooth Enamel?

Yes. It is not meant to whiten teeth below the gum line.

How will the color of my teeth change from Zoom?

You can expect your teeth to become several shades whiter.