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Get your dental exam and checkup at Azalea Dentistry in Bellevue, WA

A Regular Dental Checkup

Regular dental checkup not only keeps your mouth from diseases but it also helps protect your overall health. For example, symptoms and signs of several systemic health issues such as diabetes, lupus, and arthritis might appear in the mouth first. 

If your dentist or dental hygienist finds any symptoms of such diseases, He or she will guide you through scheduling an appointment to see your doctor. Moreover, regular dental exams also allow dentists to ensure your oral health by detecting and curing tooth and gum problems early.

Important Of Oral Hygiene

Oral health is critical to ensure your overall health, and it’s necessary to get rid of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria can build up and form plaque that can harden and cause serious problems such as gum disease(gingivitis) and tooth decay over time. In severe conditions, unattended diseases related to teeth and gums can also lead to oral cancer. A thorough dental checkup allows your dentist to prevent tooth decay, infection, inflammation, and any other severe disease by detecting the signs of oral cancer, plaque, and tartar to ensure your oral health.

Importance Of Dental Exam

A thorough dental exam provides the dentists with an opportunity to examine your gums and teeth. It also helps your professional hygienist to evaluate the current methods that you’re following.

 Resultantly dentists provide you with the best suggestions and treatment methods to protect yourself from all types of oral complications.

How Can You Prepare for a Dental Examination?

Following the best practices such as flossing once and brushing teeth twice a day is the best way to prepare for the examination. It’s important to clean your teeth before visiting our clinic thoroughly. Our team, led by Dr. Uparika Sharma, will perform a thorough cleaning, but it’s better to eliminate food particles as much as possible. 

The dentist might also examine your neck, head, face, throat, and tongue in the checkup. You might also need to provide us with your medical insurance coverage details, medical history, and current treatment methods. Moreover, you must also be prepared for follow-up visits.

A thorough dental checkup allows your dentist to prevent tooth decay, infection, inflammation, and any other severe disease.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Exam?

You should generally go for a dental exam after every six months. However, consider consulting with our team or your personal dentist to determine how often you should schedule an appointment for a dental exam. We might suggest you visit our clinic more frequently based on your gums and teeth condition.

What Can I Expect from a Dental Exam?

Our expert dentist and hygienist team at Bellevue Azalea dentistry clinic will clean your mouth thoroughly. We’ll also examine your overall oral health and detect any signs of gum disease or decay. Advanced dental X-rays might also be performed to provide you with a detailed oral health summary. It’s important to note that we use x rays with a low level of radiation only. Moreover, we’ll also evaluate your current dental care methods, such as how often you floss and brush your teeth. After that, we’ll provide you with the best treatment methods and suggestions to achieve optimal oral health.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a dental check-up?

During the checkup, the hygienist or dentist checks for all the oral diseases after cleaning your teeth. It also allows the dentist to look for the symptoms of any systemic diseases.

What is the average cost for a dental check-up, including x rays?

An average dentist visit that includes cleaning, routine check-up, and x rays costs depends on the location and any particular issue you are dealing with.

How long do dental check-ups take?

An average check-up usually takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Should I go to the dentist for a check-up?

Yes, you should go to the dentist for a routine check-up after every six months.

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