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Oral Hygiene FAQ: What Is Dental Tartar?

A good number of adults have tartar on their teeth. Dental Tartar is also known as dental calculus, and it forms above and below the gum line. It is a prevalent condition that makes the teeth look bad. You will find this article relevant if you want to know more about Oral Hygiene.

What is dental tartar, and how is tartar formed?

Tartar is a deposit on the teeth that trap stains which then, in turn, cause discoloration. It is a hard calcified deposit that forms on the teeth. Tartar consists of mineralized dead bacteria and a small number of mineralized proteins from saliva. The chemical composition of tartar is mainly calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and magnesium phosphate.

Tartar is formed when the bacteria naturally in the mouth mix with food particles in your mouth. This mixture results in a thin film on the teeth called plaque. When the plaque is not treated, it hardens and eventually forms tartar.

Here's the deal

Your enamel is at risk of getting damaged by plaque and bacteria. This can be a real problem if tartar is also present. Plaque can carry bacteria which can quickly result in tartar if nothing is done about it. It can make it difficult to brush, which can lead to tooth decay.

Even though removing tartar can be very difficult, it is still possible. Removal of tartar is made possible with particular instruments in a process known as scaling. Practicing good oral hygiene through the use of dental floss can help you to prevent tartar build-up. Regular flossing can help to remove the plaque between the teeth. If tartar still builds up for any reason, you will need to visit our dental office in Bellevue to remove it.

Taming Plaque

Plaque can easily be tamed if you think about it the right way. People who come into our Bellevue office ask for tips on how to fight plaque. Some of the tips that we give them are:

Brushing your teeth regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria

  • Flossing regularly
  • Going for dental checkups and dental exams
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Staying away from foods that easily stain
  • Using a tartar control mouthwash regularly

As mentioned above plaque is a big factor in tartar

Removing the plaque from your teeth regularly can help to fight against tartar. Gum disease can cause damage by going into the bloodstream to cause an aggravated infection. Gum diseases can even turn into a severe infection that causes damage to the gum tissue and the bones close to the teeth. Periodontal disease is becoming prevalent, and it is a severe health condition.  Patients with periodontal disease need to ensure that it is adequately treated.

Tartar is more difficult to tackle when it is left untreated.  If left for a long time, it can form a yellow discoloration that is hard to remove.

Tartar doesn’t have to be a permanent condition

There are home remedies for removing tartar, but many of them might not be as effective as you would like. If you realize that you need us to help with clearing your tartar, give us a call. Contact us by calling 425-998-8109 to schedule an appointment with a reputable dentist, Dr. Uparika Sharma. 

As soon as you get to our clinic, we’ll do a thorough assessment of the state of your teeth. This will help us ascertain the extent of the damage. Bellevue Azalea dentistry is your go-to dental clinic if you need help with the tartar on your teeth. Your teeth need to be cared for, and we know just how to do it right.


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