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Learn more about Aftercare tips for Temporary crown from Bellevue Dentistry.

Temporary Dental Crowns

Patients with tooth damage usually experience dental issues. Dentists have found methods to enhance damaged teeth using dental crowns. Dental crowns are an appropriate treatment for teeth that have been damaged or weakened by disease. Your dentist may recommend two types of crowns: temporary and permanent. A temporary crown is a tooth-shaped cap glued onto your natural teeth to shield them while your permanent crown is fabricated and fitted. Temporary crowns are often cheap since they are intended to be worn for no longer than a few weeks.

A temporary crown may be used to protect an implant, a tooth that has had a root canal, or a tooth that has been restored. It can be used for a single tooth or as a bridge, spanning many implants or teeth. Knowing how long temporary dental crowns will last might help you determine whether to go with the permanent option instead.

When do you need a temporary crown?

When a natural tooth requires a permanent crown, a temporary crown is initially provided. Because a permanent crown takes several weeks to be fabricated to your exact measurements, your dentist will insert a temporary crown until the permanent one is available. A temporary crown is used for the following purposes:

  • safeguard the natural teeth and gums
  • enable you to smile naturally 
  • minimize tooth or gum sensitivity 
  • preserve your natural teeth spacing
  • assist you with chewing and eating
  • Aid the dentist in determining how the crown will fit

Things You Must Know About Temporary Crowns

Here are a few things to keep in mind about temporary crowns:

  • Temporary crowns are not designed to last an extended period. They are only intended to be used for a few weeks. So ensure you don’t forget to go to your next dental checkup.
  • Temporary crowns are composed of low-cost materials such as acrylic or stainless steel since they are not meant to last.
  • Most dental clinics can make a temporary crown for your tooth right away. They may shave the tooth to obtain a clean impression and then design a permanent crown.
  • Stainless steel crowns are put on children’s milk teeth to prevent them from dental decay.

How long can a temporary crown last?

Temporary crowns may be utilized solely for the time it takes the lab to prepare your permanent crown. This normally takes between 3 to 21 days. On the other hand, a temporary crown might endure far longer than intended. Due to continuing periodontal or endodontic therapy, the dentist may postpone the permanent crown placement. As a result, you can wear the temporary crown for extended periods, provided it is well cleaned and modified.

Aftercare Tips For Temporary Crown

Perform the same care routine to your temporary implant as you would with regular teeth, such as:

Watch what you eat

Temporary crowns are kept in place with cement, but it isn’t as firm as the cement used for permanent crowns. This is because your dentist has to quickly detach it in a few weeks to implant the permanent crown. You may minimize chewing on ice, gum, or even complex pieces of bread. These foods may fracture the crown or cause them to fall out.

Brush and floss as usual

We recommend you properly clean and floss around the tooth fitted with a temporary crown. The seal on a temporary crown is not as firm as the one on a permanent crown. Bits of food or germs may become trapped behind the temporary crown and form cavities on the prepared tooth. Regular brushing and flossing will not loosen the temporary crown, but use caution and avoid brushing or flossing too aggressively.

Don’t miss your next appointment

Temporary crowns are only intended to stay for a short period; therefore, it’s critical to keep your next consultation to have the permanent crown placed.

What to do if the crowns come off?

Your temporary crown may accidentally fall off. If this happens, carefully slide it back into place. If you cannot do so, or if the crown is lost, call your dentist for a crown replacement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Temporary Crown Look Like Your Other Teeth?

Your temporary crown will be comparable in form and color to your real teeth. Your dentist may utilize computer imaging technology to design a permanent crown form that precisely matches your mouth. Alternatively, the dentist may take an impression of your natural teeth to use as a reference for creating the permanent crown. The dentist will also ensure the hue of your permanent crown matches the color of your natural teeth. However, the temporary crown may have its flaws. It is not intended to be worn for more than a few weeks. Furthermore, because of the materials used in making a temporary crown, the color may not be the exact one as your natural teeth.

What happens if you leave a temporary crown on for longer than the prescribed amount of time?

Patients who use a temporary crown for longer than the prescribed duration may be susceptible to gingival infection. This occurs because the temporary cement used to hold the temporary crown in place will ultimately wash away.


Your temporary crown is intended to serve as a short-term fix until your permanent crown is fabricated and fitted. It may look like your real teeth but not as well-matched as your permanent crown would be. Because a temporary crown is not as strong as a permanent crown, you may need to exercise caution when cleaning it. Avoid eating hard or sticky foods and floss and brush lightly.

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