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An overview of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are becoming increasingly popular because they look much like a natural tooth. Gone are those days when people depended on metals to get their teeth filled. Better, more advanced, and more natural options allow people to know that they can smile without caution because their tooth fillings are well blended with the rest of their tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings can transform the health of your teeth and treat your cavities. If you want to receive dental care, you should at least know what your tooth fillings are made of. 

Tooth Colored Filling Material

Tooth colored fillings which also go by the name white fillings or composite fillings are made of plastic, silica, and glass particles. They are quite different from metal fillings which are made of metals. The materials used to make tooth colored fillings are safe and durable.

These materials are used to make tooth colored fillings because they give a natural tooth structure. Sometimes these materials are even blended to provide a composite that enhances the aesthetics.

Composition of the Tooth Colored Filling Material

Tooth colored filling materials are very soft, and this is deliberate. The soft nature that it initially has allows it to properly fill in the cavity so that no space is left open. The dentist has to make sure that the cavity is filled with the tooth colored filling material. When that is done, the dentists will make use of a special light to harden the material.

The composite resin is thoroughly bonded to the tooth during the hardening process, ensuring that the tooth colored filling stays put and doesn’t fall out. 

A Filling Free of Metal

Tooth colored fillings are completely free of metals. This makes it easy to blend in with the rest of the teeth and prevents the patient from having metal allergies. Many people believe that metal fillings may have certain health risks. Amalgam fillings contain a certain percentage of mercury, and some people that use them experience side effects like headaches, tremors, and insomnia. 

Every time you chew with these fillings, you release tiny amounts of mercury into your system, which can affect your system. At the moment there is no safe level of mercury exposure known. Even though it isn’t decisive yet, it’s better to be on the safe side and simply use tooth colored fillings. 

Use of Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are used primarily to fill minor cavities. If you have a cavity, you need to have a chat with your dentists in Bellevue to determine whether or not your cavity should be filled with a tooth colored filling. 

The use of tooth colored fillings is on the rise because of its many advantages over metal fillings. They are used to repair cracked, broken, decayed, and worn-out teeth. Tooth colored fillings are very durable and can be used just like your normal teeth to chew food.


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