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Say goodbye to low self-esteem and unhealthy teeth by getting orthodontic treatments at Bellevue Azalea Dentistry.

Teeth Straightening: 6 Reasons Adults Should Get Orthodontic Treatments

Many adults are aware of their dental issues. Still, they are reluctant to get orthodontic treatment because they assume that braces are reserved for teenagers and preteens. That is a false assumption. In recent times, the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has been on the rise. 

Getting orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth. It has immense benefits that should not be ignored. You should discuss with your dentist if you feel reluctant to get orthodontic treatment because you are an adult.

The six main benefits of adult orthodontic treatment

No one has to know
No one has to know that you are getting orthodontic treatment. Even though patients with extremely crowded teeth require traditional braces, discrete options are available to correct misaligned and crowded teeth. Due to advancements in dental technology, there are ceramic braces with discrete brackets. Your dentists will tell you more about discrete options for orthodontic treatments.

Straight teeth are healthier
Straight teeth are not just more good-looking. They are healthier. When a patient has crooked teeth, it is more difficult to brush them properly. Sometimes debris and dirt can settle in and cause decay. This is why people with crooked teeth are more prone to tooth loss and gum disease. When patients get orthodontic treatment, it doesn’t just help improve the appearance of their teeth. It also contributes positively to their overall oral health.

Correct and prevent a medical problem
Straightening a patient’s teeth can help to correct and prevent many medical issues. Medical conditions like sleep apnea, heart disease, gum inflammation, and rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled by simply getting orthodontic treatment. Patients should not hesitate to get their teeth straightened because doing so can help correct and prevent several medical problems.

Adult treatment can be more effective
Adult treatment can be more effective than that of teenagers. This is because most children and teenagers are not so meticulous when it comes to following the guidelines. Since adults are usually better at following the rules on using their braces, they tend to get faster, more effective results.

Set an example
The best way to convince your young children or teenagers to get braces is by getting yours first. If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or misaligned, it won’t be easy getting the young ones around you to get their teeth straightened. They may be rebellious and resistant to the idea because they don’t see the point of it. Getting your braces can be a great way to encourage them to do the same. Getting orthodontic treatment can help you to set an example.

Improve confidence
There are so many benefits of adult orthodontic treatment, but one of the most desired benefits by patients is improvement in their self-esteem. Getting orthodontic treatment is an effective way to improve your confidence. People are more attracted to straight teeth as it is a sign of good health and youth.

The bottom line

Crooked, overly crowded, and misaligned teeth do not have to be your story. You can say goodbye to low self-esteem and unhealthy teeth by getting orthodontic treatments. As an adult, there is still plenty of time for you to get help for your damaged teeth. For that, Dr. Uparika Sharma, a trusted dentist, will attend to you and offer solutions to your dental issues. 

If you are looking for a solution to get your teeth straightened, we are right here. Please feel free to contact us at Bellevue Azalea dentistry by calling 425-998-8109. Let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding getting your teeth straightened. We are always excited when you make good decisions for your dental health.


About the Author
Dr. Uparika Sharma is the founder dentist of Bellevue Azalea Dentistry. In addition to general dental procedures, she evaluates TMJ, cervical spine, airway problems, chronic headache, and CRPS.


Dr. Uparika Sharma is a trusted dentist. She has been practicing for over 5 years at Bellevue Azalea Dentistry clinic. She holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree from the University of Washington. Dr. Uparika Sharma is a member of the American Dental Association.