Get custom made mouthguard at Bellevue Azalea dentistry to reduce your chances of dental injuries

How Does a Mouth Guard Protect Your Teeth?

Mouth Guards have been used by different kinds of people, particularly those who engage in contact or non-contact sports. Mouthguards keep your teeth safe from traumatic dental injuries. Your teeth play a key role in your overall appearance, so you must take care of them. 

When it comes to dental issues, from experience, Dr. Uparika Sharma can tell you that prevention is better than cure. To prevent trauma to your teeth, mouthguards, WA, make it easy. Keep reading, and you just might want to consider acquiring your own.

What are Mouth Guards?

Mouthguards, also called mouth protectors, help to cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries. They help in decreasing your chances of having broken, chipped teeth and nerve damage. 

They are used mainly for sports activities and at night when you sleep to prevent the tightening of your teeth when you involuntarily clench them. Before you get your mouthguard, you need to know the different options and their functions so that you’ll be able to choose the right one depending on your needs.

There are 3 main types available:

Stock mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are very bulky; they take up space that can even interfere with the way you speak or even breathe. Their fits are already set to be the way they are, so you cannot adjust them to suit you. Stock mouthguards are pre-made, and that is why they sometimes do not fit correctly.

Boil and bite mouth guards

These types of mouthguards are easily accessible, and you can purchase them for yourself at most sports stores or pharmacies. They are slightly better than stock mouth guards as they fit better since they are made of thermoplastic material. The name is derived from how it works. It’s called boil and bite because you place it in hot water and then mold it on your teeth for a good fit.

Custom-fitted mouthguards

From the name, you can easily tell that the difference between custom-fitted mouth guards and others is that they are designed and made especially for you. At our Bellevue office, Dr. Uparika Sharma will use the impression taken of your teeth to create a custom mouth guard for you. These types of mouthguards are the most effective, and you can get them at our office.

When should you wear a Mouthguard?

During Sports and Physical Activity

You need to wear a mouthguard when participating in sports like contact and collision sports. These types involve a lot of force that has the potential to damage your teeth. These sports include football, boxing, soccer, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Using mouth guards shouldn’t be limited to contact sports only. If you participate in non-contact sports like weight lifting, gymnastics, mountain biking, you should use mouth guard skiing. Mouthguards limit sport-related injuries.

When you have braces or fixed orthodontic appliances

Mouthguards are important if you have braces or any other orthodontic appliance. It helps to protect the braces or orthodontic appliance and prevent it from getting damaged. It will also serve as a layer between your orthodontic appliance and other parts of your mouth, like your lips.

Can I Receive a Mouth Guard from a Dental Clinic near me?

We are more than happy to give you a mouth guard to protect you from traumatic dental injuries. We desire to see you live life fully without worrying about possible damage. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at Bellevue Azalea dentistry in Bellevue.


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