Cavities are dental issues that can easily be avoided if the appropriate measures are taken.

7 Tips to Avoid Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are common dental issues that usually cause patients to get worried. Cavities can be avoided with the proper steps. A dental cavity is caused when the enamel of the tooth degrades, causing holes to appear.

Patients who are ready to prevent dental cavities will need to practice good oral hygiene. Many of these oral hygiene habits are discussed in this article, and they can help you prevent dental cavities effectively. When you do get cavities, your dentist can use composite fillings as an effective treatment method.

1. Brush your teeth

You must always brush your teeth regularly to avoid getting cavities. Brushing your teeth can help you to keep your teeth clean. When your teeth are clean, it makes it harder for bacteria that cause cavities to accumulate. When you brush your teeth regularly, it can prevent undesirable conditions like cavities and gum diseases.

2. Floss your teeth daily

When you eat, your teeth tend to trap food particles between your teeth. These particles can turn into plaque which can eventually cause cavities. Brushing your teeth isn’t the only way to keep your teeth clean to prevent cavities. You should floss your teeth daily to access parts of your teeth that are hard to reach.

3. Book regular dentist appointments

When you book regular dentist appointments, you take the right step in protecting your teeth from dental cavities. During your visit to your dentist in Bellevue, you’ll be able to have your teeth assessed for any issues. Dental cavities are much worse if they go undetected. If you have any cavities, your dentist can suggest some solutions to help you with that.

4. Eat healthy foods

A healthy diet can help you to prevent cavities from occurring. You must eat tooth-friendly foods. Foods that are free from excessive processed sugar are recommended for the teeth. Foods that have excess amounts of sugar can cause your teeth to develop cavities.

5. Use mouthwash

If you are looking for ways to prevent cavities, it can help if you use mouthwash. A good antibacterial mouthwash can help to prevent the buildup of bacteria which eventually causes cavities. You should incorporate the regular use of mouthwash into your oral health routine if you want to prevent cavities from invading your tooth enamel.

6. Get dental sealants

Dental sealants are a type of dental treatment that is used mainly to prevent the teeth from decaying. The dental sealant itself is a thin, plastic coating painted on the teeth’ chewing surfaces by the dentist. After the sealant is painted on, it quickly bonds into the grooves of the teeth. Dental sealants act as a shield over each tooth. If you get dental sealants, they can help you to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

7. Chew sugarless gums

You can avoid getting cavities by chewing sugarless gums. Sugar in gum can be bad for the teeth, especially when it is taken in excess. Dental health professionals recommend that patients who want to prevent cavities and maintain good oral health should chew sugarless gums.

The bottom line

Cavities are dental issues that can easily be avoided if the appropriate measures are taken. It is much better to prevent cavities than it is to restore them. If you have cavities, you should report them to your dentist so that something can be done quickly. Stay in touch with your dentist if you have further questions or inquiries surrounding dental fillings. 

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